A Message to yourself…

Nothing philosophical this time! Just a small life hack but something that I use heavily. For reminders, or anything that I want to keep in my active memory. Be it a goal that I want to achieve or an important task that I have to do or just some quick information that I want to store.

Most of the people may use calendar or note app for this, but these apps failed me to be honest or maybe I failed them. Last time I opened my note app, I realized there were unattended notes from upto two years back. Similarly, once calendar entries are past their due date they are never looked back on. Many times I met interesting people and took down their contacts in my contact application, only to forget how to find them back. I would not call myself a dumb, I have an amazing memory and most of the times I am capable of remembering my entire calendar for next month pretty well, like a photographic memory. But then it feels like a waste of mental bandwidth.

I wanted to find a simple way to note down simple information, without having to open separate applications. Something that I will habitually use and look at again and again without having to think about it. My initial idea was to make use of photo application in my phone and take photos of important stuff. Maybe because I love photography, but that hack came out handy only in finding my parked car, but not much useful for taking care of important information.

Then I heard a tone in my phone and my friend had sent me an SMS. And I had eureka moment once again. I had found my answer. Since then I just simply SMS myself. As a habit. Yes, an SMS to myself. It can be anything, A reminder; an important task; even a photograph or an information that I want to remember, I just send an SMS to myself.

It’s a no-brainer that we all look at our messages at least 20-50 times a day and this way any important information is never out of site, without any effort and this fortifies effortless recall.

Model: Mary Caroll, from Fishburners.

The effortless recall is a very powerful technique that I had perfected many years back when I was refining my skills in effective and effortless learning. This technique allowed a student to learn easily, better and forever without putting any strain on the brain. Just by putting important information in front of your eyes in a planned manner and never having to forcefully memories anything. More on that later, but an SMS does just that. Without your realising you have read that important information many times, and you will never forget it.

So next time you need to remember something… just pick your phone and send a Message to yourself

PS: I am now so motivated to share those study hacks that I perfected during my study days. Maybe I will do a small online program to teach those skills step by step. But more on that later…